Here, at La Nouvelle Medical Spa, we have 3 different treatments for the veins.
  • Big blue bulging veins Dr. Hanna, MD treats with Phlebectomy, a varicose vein removal procedure that uses tiny incisions to remove veins under a local anesthesia.
  • Unsightly varicose veins Dr. Hanna treats with Asclera Injections, a series of injections that close the veins and that don't require anesthesia.
  • Spider Veins with Laser Vein Removal procedure that uses laser technology to close small veins. They also can be treated with Asclera Injections.

#1 in Phlebectomy for Blue Bulging Vein Removal
Ventura, Los Angeles

Phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure that is used in La Nouvelle Medical Spa to remove superficial varicose veins. This is a relatively simple procedure that allows the patient to resume their normal routine soon afterward. The phlebectomy procedure relies on a series of tiny, shallow incisions that allow Dr. Hanna to remove the swollen, often painful veins section by section, eliminating the discomfort that often accompanies these bulging, purplish veins, as well as improving the overall aesthetic appearance of the affected area.

The ambulatory phlebectomy procedure begins with a careful marking of the veins to be removed, followed by injection of a local anesthetic to numb the area where the injections will be made. Using a tiny bladed instrument, Dr. Hanna will make a series of small incisions along the markings, and use another instrument to “hook” small segments of the veins, allowing them to be removed and disconnected from the rest of the vein.
varicose spider vein removal ventura
Phlebectomy Vein Removal - Local Anesthesia
Phlebectomy Vein Removal - tiny incision

Phlebectomy Vein Removal - pulling the vein with a small hook

Following the phlebectomy procedure, Dr Hanna, ND will give you compression stockings to wear during the recovery period, which usually lasts about a week. During recovery, you may notice some bruising and redness, as well as minor swelling, all of which can be improved through regular use of the special stockings. The incision sites will fade away over a period of six to 12 months.

Once the veins are removed during ambulatory phlebectomy, you should notice a marked improvement in comfort, and you can resume your normal routine immediately after the procedure. Exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided during the first one to two weeks following the procedure, to allow the area to fully heal.

Here are the main features Phlebectomy Varicose Vein Removal:

  • Actual removal of varicose veins through a very small 3-4mm incision.
  • Performed under local tumescent anesthesia.
  • Leg wrapped for 1-2 days, then use compression hose daily for 2 weeks.
  • Activity as tolerated.
  • Incisions virtually invisible.
  • High patient satisfaction.
Before and After Images
Leg Before
Leg After
varicose spider vein removal ventura varicose spider vein removal ventura
Leg Before
Leg After
varicose spider vein removal ventura varicose spider vein removal ventura

Please note that these pictures were taken right after the treatment. In a couple of hours redness was gone.

If you'd like to view more before and after pictures, please visit our Laser Vein Removal Library as well as check out testimonials from our happy clients.
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