Testimonials of the Vein Treatment Procedures
Ventura County

Laser Vein Removal
"Can't say enough Thank you to Dr. Hanna and his staff. I did laser vein removal. What a change!!! After my pregnancies my legs were almost covered with spider veins. I was so envious of the girls who could enjoy the beach. "

"I can really say the laser vein removal has changed my life! Thank you staff of La Nouvelle spa for supporting me"

Bertha (Simi Valley)
"I did laser vein removal on my face at la Nouvelle Medical spa. I'm very pleased with the results. Dr Hanna was extremely nice, the staff was very friendly. I liked the atmosphere they created. I only wish I knew about it earlier!"

Dennis T. (Nevada)
"I would like to say thank you very much La Nouvelle and Dr. Hanna for the outstanding treatment that you provided during my spider vein laser surgery. You provided excellent and quality medical care and always were willing to carefully explain the entire medical procedures that slowly made my fears disappear during the procedure. With your successful application of treatment, I can now wear shorts and miniskirts with my beautiful legs."

Clara Bradford
"I am despicable of having those horrible spider veins around my calves and ankles because they were so visible. When I visited La Nouvelle Spa initially, I was really fearful because I don´t have sufficient information concerning the treatment procedure. However, from my initial consultation until my last treatment, Dr. Hanna explained every aspect pertaining to the medical procedure that I´ll be going through. His actions and attitude demonstrated trustworthiness and great professionalism. I was really happy that everything went smoothly and successfully. After my treatment and follow-up, I am now able to enjoy walking around in skirts or shorts confidently."

William Barton
"After I gave birth to my son, red spider veins were very noticeable on my legs and thighs that made me feel conscious. Thank you so much Dr. Hanna and La Nouvelle Spa for the successful procedure in removing those awful network of veins. Now my legs are absolutely spider vein-free! You truly are one of the BEST in this field."

Daniel Luther
"After having such positive results with my spider vein treatment with laser surgery on my nose, I truly recommend La Nouvelle Spa and Dr. Hanna to all my family and friends. My vein treatment was simply remarkable and worth it. Thank you Dr. Hanna."

Samuel Franklin
"I had my laser vein removal on a bunch of spider veins on both of my legs and a few spider veins on my cheeks and nose for over an hour and was treated very professionally at La Nouvelle Spa about 3 months ago. I am so delighted that I no longer have ugly spider veins on my legs or face anymore as they are all healed! There is no more blood flowing through the spider veins on my legs and; absolutely, they were gone! Thank you very much… Words are not enough to express how completely satisfied I am with the incredible laser vein treatment I had with La Nouvelle Spa."

"My legs are in better appearance than they have been in past 6 years. The laser vein removal done by Dr. Hanna at La Nouvelle was so soothing and all of my questions and doubts were professionally answered. I was awake during the procedure but didn’t feel any pain at all which was very convenient. My legs feel amazing and I am so ecstatic with the results! Dr. Hanna of La Nouvelle Spa is highly recommended."

"I had a laser vein treatment because I had this ugly network of spider veins all over my both leg and they are very visible. Dr. Hanna answered all my questions and explained the procedure that I’ll be getting into. He was very nice and incredibly professional. I have to say, the results were pretty amazing. After I had the treatment, I've really grown in confidence, wearing shorts and skirts again, showing and enjoying vein free legs."

"My experience at La Nouvelle Spa has always been satisfying and fulfilling. The staff has always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The treatment for my legs due to spider veins was thoroughly explained to me, and I always felt that Dr. Hanna did an extraordinary treatment. I am so pleased and would highly recommend La Nouvelle and Dr. Hanna."

"I had this agony of constant pain because of the bulging veins over my kneecap and over the years, the vein was growing down the front of my leg. I consulted Dr. Hanna and suggested to undergo Phlebectomy - a minimally invasive alternative to vein stripping that can be done under local anesthesia. I can’t believe that the procedure was quick and instant pain relief with instant results. I really felt great ever since I had my Phlebectomy. The bulging veins are now gone, and so is the pain. Thank you Dr. Hanna and La Nouvelle Spa"

"The veins on my ankle are bulging and it’s really swelling. I began feeling the discomfort after long hours on my feet working as a flight attendant. I could always see the vein on my leg and it’s so embarrassing. It’s not just pain in the veins; it can be a burning or itching sensation. I visited Dr. Hanna and scheduled a surgery. I had the procedure that was done under local anesthesia and took about an hour. The procedure itself was incredible! They provided everything I need to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!"

"Few years ago, I had serious, ugly varicose veins. My legs hurt and I felt heavy and they’re horrible to look at. I can’t bear it anymore and so I decided to have those veins removed under a procedure called Phlebectomy. I thought it would be horrible. Dr. Hanna explained what the procedure is like. Dr. Hanna and La Nouvelle Spa took care of me during the entire procedure. Using local anesthesia, Dr. Hanna actually went in and removed the bulging veins. There was no pain at all. My legs are now lighter in feeling and those bulging veins were all gone in a flash! Thank you."

"My phlebectomy surgery got rid of the bulging veins that cause of my leg pain. My legs look great and feel better now! Having experienced the procedures personally, I would certainly recommend Dr. Hanna and La Nouvelle Med Spa’s trustworthy and reliable practice to anyone with vein issues. I would like to thank Dr. Hanna and his staff for such a wonderful experience."

"I became aware of the varicose veins that were bulging and scattering to the front of my shin and above my knee. I was so embarrassed of those ugly veins and I finally decided to have them treated. I called La Nouvelle Med Spa and scheduled my visit. My initial consultation, scheduling of my procedure along with follow-up appointments were always on time and extremely professional. It has been two months after the procedure and I am so delighted with the results. I'm back to wearing shorts without hesitation! Thank you for helping me feel better and confident again." notice

Walt Whitman
"I had my surgery at La Nouvelle Med Spa for my varicose veins and everything went smoothly and without pain. The surgery was done under local anesthesia. Dr. Hanna’s expertise, knowledge and professional approach had made me feel comfortable during the procedure. Now I'm able to continue my work with enormously no pain in my legs...thanks to the indicative as well as superb surgical skills of Dr. Hanna. Now I am varicose vein free! Dr. Hanna and his staff were very knowledgeable, caring and exceptionally professional."

Asclera injections
"I can’t seem to realize the level of persistent pain I had with my varicose veins. After the procedures, I couldn’t believe that I am now varicose vein free! The procedure was fast and unbelievably convenient. Both my legs feel the same and look great! I have noticed that my leg looks so much better now and I don’t have the burning and heaviness in my legs anymore. Thank you!"

"I had vein procedures done on both legs ten years ago but it was such a bad experience and a long recovery that I had decided I would just live with the horrible, painful varicose veins that returned. Then I heard La Nouvelle Spa from one of my friends who had experience their great service. I decided to find my luck this time and consulted Dr. Hanna about my varicose problem. Having sclera injection was easy, and Dr. Hanna and his staff completely put me at ease during the procedure. Now, my legs look and feel better than I ever thought they could, and I’m pain-free for the first time in years. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you"

"For so many years, I’ve been having the discomfort and pain with my varicose veins. After I completed the treatments with Dr. Hanna, my legs have never been better. Dr. Hanna takes his time and makes sure that I get the most wanted results. Dr. Hanna had exceeded my expectations. He is truly a top notch surgeon I’ve ever known. Highly recommended!"

"I had a visible network of varicose veins on my legs and it became very thick and unsightly after my pregnancy. It felt quite embarrassing that I could not even wear skirts on social gatherings and parties. I really wanted to get rid of these veins totally and so I decided to undergo vein treatment with asclera injections. I am very happy with the results because all the veins were gone completely. I would recommend Dr. Hanna of La Nouvelle Spa, a very experienced and knowledgeable doctor that performs this kind of treatment procedure. Thank you so much!"

"I would like to thank Dr. Hanna and La Nouvelle Spa for the amazing and effective procedure of removing the spider veins on my nose and face. You have provided such incredible resolution to my spider vein problem. I would be more than happy to recommend La Nouvelle and would undergo other cosmetic treatment if it ever became necessary in the future. Thank you so much!"

"I had Asclera injections for the broken veins, capillaries, and spider veins behind my knee, legs and all around my foot. Dr. Hanna at La Nouvelle Spa injected the sclerosing agent (asclera) on those areas. I could see the vein slowly disappear when he injected the solution. After an hour of injections I was completely done. Everything went well after my evaluation visit and follow up and now all those spider veins are no longer visible. I am really happy with the results I got. Thank you!"

"I had my entire treatment process of spider veins on my both legs amazingly done at La Nouvelle Spa with Dr. Hanna. The injections were quite painful but it is bearable. My over all experience with La Nouvelle Spa was overwhelming. I was very satisfied with the results, care and cost. Thank you so much!"

Rosemary Clooney
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